Post-birthday post

Last Saturday was my birthday. On Friday my boyfriend surprised me with a trip round Brighton Pavilion (I’d never been before – it’s delightfully hideous. Dragons EVERYWHERE) and a cream tea in their café. & in the evening he took me to my fave place to eat in Brighton – Terre á Terre.

On the day I had a little tea party with some of my favourite people. We made quintessential party food like triangle cut sandwiches, chocolate nests and cheese and pineapple on sticks (there would have been cocktail sausages there too – but I failed to find the ones Quorn do while I was shopping – boo!) . Oh, and I bought a MASSIVE red velvet cupcake from Angel Food Bakery. Which was delicious, but treacherous when it came to cutting it up – it was so top heavy that it kept toppling over.

We took the cake stand to the pub afterwards, drunk people love chocolate. I don’t think a weekend out should be without one now.


Lots of chocolates from various people, and books (always welcomed), a ticket to West Hill Kino Club’s riot grrrl night, and couple of other bits ‘n’ bobs.

I was desperate for one of these when I was about 11, dream come true! There wasn’t any film inside, but these drawings instead..

…which I actually think are better.

Typewriter necklace ♥

I love Rob Ryan.

This is the favourite thing I got – once I mention in passing that I loved this spread from the story “Eric” in Shaun Tan’s illustrated book Tales from Outer Suburbia. The boy then found a big version of it and had it professionally printed and framed for me – he’s such a sweetheart!

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