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One of the first projects I did  last year was looking into drawing and the creative process – how myself & others work best. I’ve been looking over my sketchbook from this recently as a little pick me up. I collected a bunch of quotes so I figured It’d be nice to share them.

From On Creativity by John Tusa:
“The truly original seem never to be mere followers; they are usually uninterested in becoming leaders; for the most part they remain solo travellers.”

“To be driven internally in one direction and to fear that the outside world will not recognise it, or might actually reject it, must be the ultimate personal nightmare… [There needs to be] times of constructive stillness, allowing the intensely self critical gaze to be directed at the work in progress, testing it against the inner sense of purpose and direction.”

“The easy answers, it seems, can seldom be the right ones.”

“…There is nothing polite and pretty about creating. It is not a period of quiet reflection but a real intellectual and physical engagement with the material.”

From 101 Things To Learn In Art School by Kit White:
“Drawing is more than a tool for rendering and capturing likeness. It is a language, with it’s own syntax, grammar and urgency. Learning to draw is about learning to see … [it] teaches us how to think with our eyes.”

“Observation lies at the heart of the art process… Unless you see what lies before you, you cannot describe it. Train yourself to eliminate preconceptions and received understandings when observing anything.”

“All art is a reflection of choices made – omissions as well as submissions. The world your work describes is the world that you, as a maker, promote.”

“Art is a process of discovery through making, and our ability to discover is generally greater than our ability to invent… Look for things you don’t know, the things that are revealed or inadvertently uncovered.”

“The studio is more than a place of work:  it is a state of mind.”

“Observe carefully, describe precisely, find solutions to problems through experimentation, keep an open mind to all possibilities.”

“Work from your intuition, and analyse with your intellect… Try to draw upon what lies beneath normal cognition in an uninhibited way.”

“Art is a form of experimentation. But most experiments fail. Do not be afraid of those failures.”

“Images and ideas can be fleeting… Capture them when they occur to you. Never trust that the great revelation will hang around in your memory.”

By Corita Kent:
“Artists, poets–whatever you want to call those people whose job is “making”–take in the commonplace and are forever recognizing it as worthwhile. I think I am always collecting in a way–walking down a street with my eyes open, looking through a magazine, viewing a movie, visiting a museum or grocery store. Some of the things I collect are tangible and mount into piles of many layers, and when the time comes to use these saved images, I dig like an archeologist and sometimes find what I want and sometimes don’t.”

& Other useful things to read:
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