A few weeks ago I was in the West Midlands (Shrewsbury to be exact) for a family wedding. The sun was nice enough to come out for the outdoor ceremony and there were lots of nice little details about.

Laser cut wedding favours box, inside there were soups made by the bride.

At the dinner everyone’s chair had a sash with their name embroidered onto it.

I stuck around for a couple of days afterwards to explore a bit. I had a look around the town, mostly poking around charity shops and had a trip to the safari park.

I have so many books on birds now it’s ridiculous. Book on dog breeds and the smaller birds book – £1.50 each. Thorburn’s Birds and 60’s Reader’s Digest gardening book (it has a nice wooden cover) -50p each. Velvet/lace dress – 20p. Jug – 30p. Sequinned shrug – £3.30. Belt – £1.50.

And I made myself a new squashed coin for my collection.

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