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Hello! So I had some problems with my blog for a while and it took me far too long to get around to fixing it. I’ve only done 2 posts this year, terrible. Lots of things have happened in that time, like I’ve started studying illustration at the University of Brighton.

He’s a bit of the work they set us over the summer – it was to do a series of 5 images on some aspect of yourself. I documented some collections of things I have.




Gig tickets


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A trip to Bristol was lovely. Above is the view we had from our hotel room, which had some great tiki style furniture. I’d never been before, but I’ll definitely be returning, a lot.

Boston Tea Party and Noa.

Breakfast beside the beautiful Lido. It was so good that we returned a couple of days later (Turkish pouched eggs, real mint tea, fruit loaf toast with maple butter).

Playing around in At-Bristol before our planetarium viewing.

The zoo. I wish Brighton had a zoo.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

The botanical gardens were peaceful, and beautiful.

I also wish Brighton had a dedicated cider shop.

(click to see this bigger)

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That surfer, very brave.

This is the boy’s “this is a BIT windy on this cliff” face.

I’ve been going to Whitby since I was tiny, and this is the first time I’ve passed The Magpie Cafe and not seen a massive queue outside, so we finally gave it a try!

Tower of Roast & The Baltic.

On the way home we spent a night in York. We stopped at the Guy Fawkes Inn & was upgraded to a swanky 4-poster room with a view of the Cathedral out the window.

We ate tiny but delicious food at The Blue Bicycle , then had cocktails at Dusk and the amazing Evil Eye Lounge. It looks like a tiny drinks shop at the front, but once you go through to the back it’s 3 floors high with beds you can sit on. We had a jug of apple strudel, which was seriously the best thing I think I’ve ever drunk. We also went to Trembling Madness, a huge drinks shop with a medieval style bar above it. The food looked awesome but they weren’t very veggie-friendly :(

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