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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a lovely festive season and you manage to avoid the January blues.

I’m not really one for resolutions (I prefer to set myself targets all-year round when I need them, rather than all at once when I’ll probably not actually do anything about them) but this year I’m going to do 50/50. That’s a challenge of reading 50 new books, and watching 50 new films. Last year was pitiful for reading for me, so hopefully this’ll pull me out of that funk (less tumblr, Vicky).

I’ll be keeping track of them on Goodreads and Letterboxd but I’ll post about how I’m getting along here from time to time (another thing I need to do more of this year: update this blog). Is anyone challenging themselves to somethig similar this year?


Hello! So I had some problems with my blog for a while and it took me far too long to get around to fixing it. I’ve only done 2 posts this year, terrible. Lots of things have happened in that time, like I’ve started studying illustration at the University of Brighton.

He’s a bit of the work they set us over the summer – it was to do a series of 5 images on some aspect of yourself. I documented some collections of things I have.




Gig tickets


Life Photography

I finally had developed & picked up a roll of film I took at least a year ago. They were taken with a fully-manual Zenit camera, so I’m frankly amazed with myself that they’re actually exposed & in focus! (Despite the film actually snapping inside the camera).

Life Photography