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Yikes! I never did get round to posting what happened with my Swap With Me project. After swapping a whole bunch with lots of lovely people around the world through the post, I ended up hand making a book on the whole process and using it for our end-of-degree shows. We had two – one in Brighton with the rest of the art school, and an independent one organised by the class, in London. I did something interactive for both shows, inviting visitors to take away a piece of my work in exchange for leaving something behind.





The take side was filled up with all sorts of things I’d made – digital and lino prints, zines, and badges.



I kept popping into the space every now and again through the two weeks that the Brighton show was up. It was such a joy to discover what people had left behind for me. I had a shelf with paper and coloured pencils so visitors could do a quick drawing if they fancied it, and this turned out to be my favourite part – so many people left drawings that I had to keep topping up the big stack of paper. I scanned all the drawings at the end, so one day I’ll pop some of those up.


The packaging and envelopes that postal-swaps had been sent to me in made their way into the display.



Some snippets of objects and drawings people left for me:








London show:

The London show I did something pretty similar. We had it in The Rose Lipman building on the hottest week in the summer, so building everything, as you can imagine, was a real treat (!). Amelia’s Magazine did a post about the show, where my work got a quick mention.







I wish I’d managed to get more photos of the rest of the show, but it was all very rush-rush till the opening night, and then it was so hectic and rammed with people the whole night! Here’s a quote in the hallway, and a peep of the top room and the film room that was absolutely filled with screens. My class has a lot of super talented film makers so it was only right that there was a dedicated dark room for them.


Art & Illustration Brighton

On Saturday the 13th I’ll be escaping from the seaside to do the Alternative Press Fair in London. Again I’ll be tabling with Emma, bringing along our zines and most probably cake too.  (facebook event page)

Afterwards we’ll also be attending Girl Germs at Camden Head, a ” grrrl-tastic night of music, zines, cakes and dancing” with zines from Vampire Sushi distro. (facebook event page)

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