Hello! I’m a UK-based artist and illustrator. I studied Illustration at the University of Brighton. I like zines, feminism and dogs. I run a zine and DIY distro called pen fight, and have ran workshops for places like The Whitworth, Trafford Libraries, Resident Advisor, and Northwest Zinefest. Contact me if you’d like to chat to me about making you something, or an event/workshop you’d like to happen.

Email: penfightdistro@gmail.com
Twitter: vlikesdrawing / Tumblr: vickylikesdrawing 

Solo exhibitions
Sept/2019 – An exhibition of prints, Salford Zine Library

Group exhibitions
July/2015 – Studio 350, Rose Lipman Building, London
June/2015 – Made It, University of Brighton Graduate Show
May/2014 – Meanwhile, Hoxton Gallery, London
June/2013 – Club Zap Presents: First Year Graphic Design and Illustration Exhibition, Brighton Arts Club
June/2009 – Wish You Were Here, South Nottingham College