swap with me

In 2015 I asked anyone and everyone to swap things with me. I explored gift economies, trusting strangers, mail art, affordable and accessible art. I traded zines, prints, postcards, I drew for people, made them art, I shared how to make pom-poms. In return I received more zines, letters, stamps, stickers, art, cards, CDs, origami flowers, and a jewellery making lesson.

I also put myself on a buying diet – and drew everything non-avoidable (rent, bills, groceries) I bought during this time. I wanted to think more carefully about my consumption, where my money goes, and what I was unwilling to give up, which ended up being – food, socialising, travel.

My two exhibition projects involved 2 boards – take something – leave something. I asked people to leave something for me (providing paper and pencils for the option of leaving a drawing) – in return for taking a piece of art or zine away with them.